Pakistani Tipplers, A Treat To Watch




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Pakistani Tipplers are performing superbly around the Globe. Paktipplers.com is the first site from Pakistan that is made purely for Pakistani Tippler fanciers around the world. No matter where you live, if you like these beautiful birds, you have come to the right place. Tipplers in Pakistan are a little different from Western Tipplers in that they fly very high for long hours, they fly at their will (natural flight) and they don't fly in kits. We also call them Desi Tipplers. These pigeons are famous for their endurance flying. Secondly, the conditions in which they perform are way more hostile than those in West. Temperatures can rise upto 50 degrees Celcius and still they manage to fly all day long.

Its amazing to watch them fly so high, for so long. These pigeons are now also performing in even hotter countries like in Dubai, Kuwait etc.

Anyways, enough from my side :-). I am not an expert in this field rather I am just an average pigeon fancier who happens to be in love with this beautiful bird. So I would rather have you guys register at my
Forum and a Gallery to talk about many aspects of this sport and share your pigeons' pictures.

You can also visit our Audio Section to experience master pieces of Anwar Masood in Punjabi Mazahia Sha'ri Anwar Masood’s Punjabi Mazahiya Sha'ri

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